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News: Welcome to TW Stats!
Hello Everyone,

I'd like to write this post to introduce myself and welcome everyone to the new German version of TW Stats!

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am a self-employed developer located in England, and I have been running, developing and managing TW Stats since its launch in August 2007. I also work on West Stats, and am a developer for InnoGames GmbH. Lastly, I have been a volunteer staff member for Tribalwars.net for over 2 years. Because of this I am in the unique position of being able to develop, serve and continue to improve the best stats site for DS.

TW Stats originally started in August 2007, designed only for Tribalwars.net. However, other language versions soon became interested and gradually TW Stats has expanded to its current position — the biggest and most popular Tribalwars statistics site around. We have a solid agreement with the best online gaming service in the UK to provide the most stable service possible, so much so that, since the site launched in August 2007, we have never had any period of downtime over 6 hours.

Currently we support 20 different language versions of TribalWars, and track statistics for over 200 worlds — and even better, we make sure information for each world is never more than 3 hours out of date. This beats many of our competitors, some of which only update older worlds every 24 hours.

We're still working on the translation from English to German so some parts of the site may be incomplete — I apologize for this, and assure you I'll get this sorted as soon as possible!

I'm afraid my knowledge of German is very poor, hence this post being in English. However, if you have any suggestions, feedback or comments please don't hesitate to post a comment or email me in English at: jon AT jon-dawson.co.uk

Thanks for reading everyone, and enjoy the site! :)

Jon Dawson
TW Stats owner
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2023-11-28 21:39:50 CET

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